GameCenter CX - Lemmings 24 Hour Compilation

Saturday, February 11, 2012

GameCenter CX - Lemmings 24 Hour Compilation

GameCenter CX, a Japanese TV show, that stars Shinya Arino. He plays Japan's most popular games, usually being old retro games, and records his playtime under a time limit, usually under 24 hours. He is assisted by Staff for support and game play help.

A special compilation of the Lemmings 24 hour special. Arino struggled to clear the game Lemmings and also must battle fatigue as he plays for 24 hours.


Autsanaut said... Reply to comment

Ah, Cameraman Abe...shaking down poor Nakayama. Not sure if he's joking or not...

...that bit with Toujima and Tanii was weird, to say the least. Even more so without Arino commenting on it. Hmm.

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