GameCenter CX - Episode 89 - Lemmings Live Recap

Friday, February 10, 2012

GameCenter CX - Episode 89 - Lemmings Live Recap

GameCenter CX, a Japanese TV show, that stars Shinya Arino. He plays Japan's most popular games, usually being old retro games, and records his playtime under a time limit, usually under 24 hours. He is assisted by Staff for support and game play help.

Episode 89 Arino plays the game Lemmings. It is a recap and documentary of the 24 hour special. Just what happened in the Lemmings special broadcast?


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Piccoroz said... Reply to comment

No, there are 2 lemmings episodes, one is a normal challenge, and then there is a live special.

Alex said... Reply to comment

There's a compilation of the 24 hour episode up now too subbed. You can find it as a DDL on my site if you're interested :)

Dhimas said... Reply to comment

Does the video broken? can someone reupload this episode?

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