GameCenter CX - Episode 77 - Fatal Fury Special

Monday, October 17, 2011

GameCenter CX - Episode 77 - Fatal Fury Special

GameCenter CX, a Japanese TV show, that stars Shinya Arino. He plays Japan's most popular games, usually being old retro games, and records his playtime under a time limit, usually under 24 hours. He is assisted by Staff for support and game play help.

Episode 77, Arino the Kacho shows his skills in the game Fatal Fury. His mission is to show the audience the ending screen, will he be able to clear Fatal Fury?


robert said... Reply to comment

2 in a row, u guys are the best.

Lindsay said... Reply to comment

two in a row this is great keep up the awesome work and as always thank you so very much <3

George said... Reply to comment

One of my favorite games too! Thanks for the great work at subbing!

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