GameCenter CX - Episode 37 - Street Fighter II

Thursday, October 20, 2011

GameCenter CX - Episode 37 - Street Fighter II

GameCenter CX, a Japanese TV show, that stars Shinya Arino. He plays Japan's most popular games, usually being old retro games, and records his playtime under a time limit, usually under 24 hours. He is assisted by Staff for support and game play help.

Arino in Episode 37 takes on a Capcom classic. The fighting game Street Fighter II which spawned many sequels. Can Arino conquer Street Fighter 2 and show everyone the ending screen?


TamaGe said... Reply to comment

Bravo! Love the continued subs -- awesome work, guys.

Here's my request: how about a few more episodes of lesser known and non-Western releases? The TokiMemo is my favourite episode, also loved Umihara Kawaze... wasn't there a rhythm mat episode?

Keep 'em coming, either way!

Lindsay said... Reply to comment

awesome sub as always. thank you so much for doing this ^_^ keep up the great work can't wait for the next one <3

George said... Reply to comment

I know even before I watch it that it's great work! Thanks!

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