Retro Game Master: GameCenter CX Collection DVD Now Available for Pre Order

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Retro Game Master: GameCenter CX Collection DVD Now Available for Pre Order

Great news for fans of the show, the first official DVD collection of Retro Game Master is now available for pre order! This set includes 14 episodes and each episode is translated by zari-gani of the SA GCCX Team.

GamingCX strongly encourage everyone who loves the series to show your support and pick up the DVD. If the DVD is a success more will be released, show the Kacho he is wanted in the USA!
Retro Game Master is a reality television show unlike any other that taps into the mega world of classic gaming. The show, known in Japan as Game Center CX, features comedian Shinya Arino playing some of Japan's most popular and most difficult classic games. In each episode, Arino plays a retro video game that audiences remember playing, but few could master. The goal is to finish the game in one sitting. It doesn't always go as planned. This highly addictive series has been running for 16 seasons in Japan. This set includes 14 of the very best episodes.

You can pre order the DVD on amazon here: Retro Game Master: The Game Center CX Collection


gamingcx said... Reply to comment

Just a reminder, the DVD set does not include the game center segments. These segments are even cut from the Japanese DVDs because of licensing.
However, don't let that discourage you from pre ordering the DVD. The Kacho can use all the support he can get outside Japan, and this is the best way to show it.

VanillaSeagull said... Reply to comment

i've ordered my copy.
have you?

megatron_bison said... Reply to comment

What games are featured?

gamingcx said... Reply to comment

@megatron_bison The 12 Kotak episodes and 2 new ones. Not sure on the 2 new ones but they are not one of the fan translated episodes. The 12 Kotak episodes have been retranslated with subtitles as well as the original dubbing broadcast.

SUPERRAGEMAN said... Reply to comment


BaccarWozat said... Reply to comment

The picture above makes Arino look like they sawed the top off of his head. Another victim of editing.

OtaconEmmerich said... Reply to comment

42$ is too much for my blood for Episodes(lacking alot of content too) that I've already seen, I may grab it when it's 20$ Why is so so damned costly compared to a movie? (20-30$)

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